Anti Corruption Program

1 Mapping and Identification of Corruption Possibilities 
Inspectorate General in collaboration with Internal Compliance Unit in each First-Echelon Units have made mapping and identified the possibilities of corruption in 11 First-Echelon Units in the Ministry of Finance
2 System or Performance Audit
Inspectorate General has performed performance audit to 5 First-Echelon Units in the Ministry of Finance. Subsequently, Inspectorate General will proceed the mapping result to be the Main Supervision Theme in the years ahead and communicate it to the leaders of the First-Echelon Units.
3. Prevention
a. Value and Behavior
Ministry of Finance has formulated values and main behavior to uphold, consisting of Integrity, Professionalism, Synergy, Services, and Excellence
b. Code of Conduct
Every First-Echelon Units in the Ministry of Finance has had and disseminated the code of conduct to the employees.
4. Supervision
a. WISE (Whistleblowing System)
WISE application has been applied in every First-Echelon Units. Currently, Inspectorate General continues developing employees’ competence, work mechanism, and WISE application.
b. Internal Compliance Unit
i) Minister of Finance’s Decree Number 152 of 2011 affirms the tasks and functions of internal control monitoring and appoints a unit to conduct the internal control monitoring.
ii) Inspectorate General together with Internal Compliance Unit develop Internal Control Compliance Monitoring device to supervise internal control in their main activities in each 
First-Echelon units.
5. Enforcement
a. Reward
a) Ministry of Finance already has the mechanism of performance assessment as stated in the 
b) First-Echelon Units are instructed to issue Technical Guidance for Performance Management, Minister of Finance’s Decree Number 454 of 2011 concerning Performance Management in the Ministry of Finance, which covers Organization’s Performance Management and Employees’ Performance Management conduct employees’ behavior assessment during the first semester, employees’ behavior assessment and Key Performance Indicator achievements up to the second semester. 
b. Punishment
Ministry of Finance has issued Regulation of Minister of Finance Number 29/PMK.01/2007 concerning Guidance of Civil Servants’ Disciplinary Improvement, in which every First-Echelon Unit shall issue Employees’ Order Monthly Report