Gender Mainstreaming in Ministry of Finance

Gender Mainstreaming in Ministry of Finance
A Mandatory

Law Number 17 of 2007 concerning National Long-Term Development Plan Year 2005-2025

Presidential Regulation Number 5 of 2010 concerning National Medium-Term Development Plan of 2010-2014

Presidential Instruction Number 9 of 2000 concerning Gender Mainstreaming in Development

Regulation of Minister of Finance Number 112/02/2012 concerning Guidelines for Composing Line Ministries’ Work and Budget Plan
Minister of Finance’s Decree Number 568/KM.1/2012 concerning Establishment of Gender Mainstreaming Team in Ministry of Finance
B The Objectives of Gender Mainstreaming

General Objective

Ensuring that the entire Ministry of Finance’s policies, programs, and activities are fair and equitable to both women and men
  Specific Objectives
  1. Ensuring that the entire ranks in the Ministry of Finance understand the concept, principles, and strategies of Gender Mainstreaming in terms of implementing development that becomes the Ministry of Finance’s tasks, functions, and authorities
  2. Ensuring the sustainability, continuation, and development of the Gender Mainstreaming’s executors quality in Ministry of Finance
C Gender Mainstreaming Implementation in Ministry of Finance
  Several policy adjustments are made to be more gender-responsive, as follows:
  1. Amendment of Taxation Law that considers gender justice aspects, namely providing options for women to have their own Tax ID
  2. Allowance provision for women during their maternity leave
  3. Nursery room facility in the Ministry of Finance
  4. Day care facility
  5. Composition of Gender Budget Statement in all First-Echelon units in Ministry of Finance
D Gender Mainstreaming’s Achievements
Achievements for the Ministry of Finance’s high commitment in realizing gender justice and equality:
  1. Parahita Ekapraya Award for category “Pratama” in 2009;
  2. Parahita Ekapraya Award for category “Madya” in 2010; and
  3. Parahita Ekapraya Award for category Primary in 2012